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Writing Academic Pages for English Language Journals
Video series discussing and describing writing the various parts and sections of a research paper for English language journals. Writing the Title The Abstract and Keywords The Introduction Methods and Materials Results Section Discussion Conclusion Acknowledgements Referencing and Citing The guiding principle of Focus on a single topic is elaborated.
Word for Writing Academic Papers in English
Word for Writing Academic Papers in English A short video lecture series on using Microsoft Word® facilities when writing English languiage documents. Very applicable to any type of document, but with special usefulness for theses or dissertations. Page Formatting The Insert Menu Formatting paragraphs Applying Styles References Menu Creating Table of Contents Creating Tables of Tables, Figures and Equatios Hyperlinking within the document and to external sources. Bookmarking Creation of a Template for NU journals Overall, a recommended way to correctly and fully use this valuable writing tool to save time and format your document.
Writing Academic English
Writing Academic English An informative video lecture series on writing academic English, appropriate to research documents, theses and dissertations, as well as general admin. documents. Topic scovered include: Nouns and Articles Pronouns Verbs and Verb tense Patterns Sentences, including Capitalisation Punctuation Acronyms and Initialisms Redundancy and Repetition Passive & Active Voice Person (1st, 2nd & 3rd) Conjunctions Combining and connecting sentences. Paragraphs Clear description of methods and experimental sequences. English expression generally. Hints for Learning vocabulary.
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